Monthly Archives: November 2013

Return to the Solomon Islands via Beijing

Here we are back in Honiara – it was a near thing as our aeroplane from Brisbane had been rescheduled an hour forward having been chartered by the government to go on to Fiji from Honiara to bring back Solomon Islands university students for Christmas at home. As a result, our check-in desk was closed, but we managed to find a Solomon Airline representative who could be persuaded to get us onto the plane, which she did, but without our luggage. This will be put on the next flight and should be in Honiara by Monday. Jenny will therefore go on to join the Marovo Medical Tour as planned and Graham will join the tour 2 days later, hopefully with the luggage.
Our time at home has flown but it was really great to spend time with family, not least with Peter, having arranged our journey through Beijing. It is now confirmed that Dr Dina & family will leave Helena Goldie Hospital at the end of this year so we are expecting a busy and challenging year. We value your thoughts and prayers.