Monthly Archives: September 2014

A Busy Week in Munda

Dr Fred Boseto (a Solomon Island surgeon now living in Australia) arrived on Friday morning of 19th September ready to see patients from Munda who needed surgery. A total of 12 patients were accepted for surgery or investigation in Gizo. The Japanese company Olympus has donated endoscopy equipment for Gizo Hospital and a team of Australian medical & nursing staff arrived there on Sunday. This is Dr Boseto’s third visit this year and he plans to visit four times next year. Our two U.K. medical students joined the tour for the week and have now returned.
At the same time people from various provinces started to arrive for a Seventh Day Adventist congress. In total about 2,500 ladies arrived, mainly from the Dorcas movement. They have lived under canvass for the week in various locations and have coped with the strong wind and heavy rain. The accompanying men have done some work at the hospital as they were not needed for security.
We also have a team of seven men from Robina New Life Church in Queensland led by Earl Reeves. He was involved with the Robina House project in 2009 and has returned to replace the roof on the nurse’s hostel. They got off to a good start yesterday despite the strong sunshine

Father’s Day in Munda

Father’s day is an important event in the church calendar. Morning worship in the church at Kokeqolo included several choirs followed by over 80 children from Sunday school singing with great enthusiasm. After the service the fathers were presented with flower garlands and then lunch in the community hall with the inevitable speeches, on this occasion given by two hospital staff: the new statistics officer Venge on behalf of the children/young people and the hospital boat driver Manasah replied on behalf of the fathers.
Rev Helena with Katy & Maxine from Uniting Health Care in Queensland attended the occasions in the middle of their 12 day visit to the hospital and college of nursing. They are currently sharing Robina House with two very enthusiastic medical students from the U.K. Watching our skilled midwife Irene deliver a footling breech with a prolapsed umbilical cord was an early introduction to life here for these students. Fortunately the baby survived and has done very well. We are grateful to the last group of medical students from the University of East Anglia (Peter, Ben and Tom) who brought with them a substantial supply of medicines: the supply of essential medicines from the National Medical Store in Honiara seems to be worse than we can remember with many items out of stock either nationally or locally.

Recent Changes in Munda

September in the U.K. marks the return of children to school after the long summer vacation and so reminds us that we are into the latter part of the year. Here the major examinations will be held between now and November, ready for the long Christmas holiday. As we reflect over the last few months, much has happened and yet there is still much more we would like to achieve. The hospital is looking good now that we have a working lawn-mower to keep the grounds tidy, but we still struggle to keep on top of the rubbish disposal and the dogs. We have seen quite a change in Munda since we first arrived: mobile telephones and the airport upgrade have brought the outside world much nearer. There are more cars and seemingly more money, although we are not sure where it comes from as most people still do not have paid employment. We are sometimes kept awake by loud music thudding from cars parked on the end of the airstrip at night.
The church however still holds an important place in the lives of many people. We have been delighted to see the return of Jim & Carolyn to Munda to complete their work on the Roviana translation of the Bible. It has been a long and arduous task but is now close to completion. In the meantime we are glad to enjoy their company when time permits.