Monthly Archives: February 2016

Hospital Staff Happy to have Jenny with them again

It is great to be back in the Solomon Islands after 5 months away. It seems that now, I just step back in where I left off, even though life is so completely different from that in the UK. This time Graham will not join me,as he is enjoying Bible College and is ” on call” with my brother and sisters, for my parents.

The hospital benefited from the services of a local surgeon for 2 months over Christmas and New Year, when he chose to work here during his vacation. When he left, a doctor from Uniting Health Care, Australia was able to help out for a week. The appointed ministry doctor, apparently posted here this year has yet to arrive, so it was straight to work.

As before, the nurses have done a magnificent job and have gained in confidence to manage the hospital whilst there is no doctor. I sometimes wonder if they need me, but the relief is immense, when a doctor arrives

Jenny returned to Munda this week

Jenny left Manchester for Munda on Monday and arrived safely on Wednesday. There is a new hospital secretary, George, who previously ran the United Church Rest House in Honiara. There is currently no doctor working at the hospital, so it is good that she has returned for 11 weeks to help. Our house is in good condition, but needs a good clean. Otherwise things are much as previously. She hopes to send details of her activities and progress at the hospital over the next few weeks.