Monthly Archives: April 2016

Two Weeks in Sasamunga

Jenny was able to fly to Taro on Easter Monday, then travel down the Choiseul coast by open canoe, arriving very wet as often happens. She knew most of the staff and was able to give the senior nurse the opportunity to have a break from working day and night. The hospital has been largely rebuilt since we were last there two years ago with Steve Pearce visiting from London. She was able to do medical tours to clinics up and down the coast, seeing 50 patients in one of these villages.
The sea was rough during her last few days, so she feared that she may not be able to cross to Gizo as planned, but the sea became calm in time. The college of nursing has been preparing for graduation all week. This will take place today and Jenny will give a speech on behalf of the hospital. She will be back in the U.K. on 30th April.