Highs and Lows of the Week

Drs Dina and Zotei have taken the opportunity of a public holiday (the official birthday of the Queen here) to take a long weekend trip to Marovo Lagoon. They left at 5 am on Friday and will return on Monday. Fortunately the out-patient department was quiet on Friday, as General Ward was very busy with 2 patients needing transfer by air to Honiara for bowel surgery. Sadly a young man died yesterday (Satruday) from overwhelming septicaemia, having transferred here from Choiseul Province, where they still have no doctor. We felt very sad as we watched the family leave from this hospital with the body in an open canoe, powered by two small engines, to travel for 4 hours across open sea with no shade from the sun. They looked so vulnerable but their capacity to embrace life and death humbles us.

Jenny hopes to go back to Choiseul next month for a short stay. Graham is off to Honiara for the Provincial Directors’ annual meeting. Munda airstrip is busy now that Gizo has been closed for upgrading and this morning we witnessed all the Premiers from the different provinces arrive here to a traditional warrior welcome before being transferred to Gizo by boat.

On Sunday morning at the church in Kokeqolo over 90 young people were confirmed, the culmination of a youth rally during the week.

One thought on “Highs and Lows of the Week

  1. Janet Wilson

    Dear Jenny and Graham you are often in our thoughts, your life at the moment seems so distant, both in distance,time, culture and outlook on life, but at the heart of all our lives God is working out his purpose.
    Last weekend had a lovely BBQ for Amy’s 30th we managed to find a window of sun enough for us to sit outside and chat to family.

    Love and prayers as always


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