Helena Goldie Hospital Eye Surgical Tour 2013

Another eventful week draws to a close. This time it was a visit from the eye team. It is an annual event, but this year was special, with the opening of our new eye building. This was donated by the Fred Hollows Foundation of New Zealand and was initially destined for Gizo, but as they have a new hospital, it was redirected to Munda. This year the team was larger than usual and included               Dr Bradley Townend, an ophthalmologist from Australia, whose family had raised most of the funding for the new building. There was also Dr Mundi Qalo and Dr Nola Pikache, eye surgeons from Honiara but currently working with the Pacific Eye Institute in Suva. Eye nurses came from Suva, Seghe, Gizo and Honiara for the tour. In total 150 patients were seen in the clinic and 67 operations performed, mainly cataracts. Unfortunately some patients missed out on the opportunity for eye surgery as a result of lack of transport from their villages. The eye team was an inspiration to us with their dedication and hard work.

Jesus said to his disciples that his followers would do the work that he was doing and even greater things. He performed many miracles of healing but His work has continued through modern medicine and this week we have seen many people receive back their sight. We thank God for their faith and dedication.