Jenny’s First Week Back in Choiseul

Jenny nearly missed her flight to Taro in the 9 seat aeroplane Island Hopper on Monday morning as it left early! She apparently arrived there safely and was able to spend 2 days seeing patients there, which was much appreciated after over a year without a doctor in the province which is home to over 25,000 people. On Wednesday she moved down the coast to Sasamunga where she will stay to work at the hospital there while the nurse in charge has a short break; she will also use the opportunity to go out touring. Development of the hospital continues there with a large grant for renovation from the Solomon Island Government. We hope that the imaging department and medical laboratory will be fully functional later this year.

Back at Helena Goldie Hospital, a 26 year old man arrived after a difficult canoe journey in the dark from Paradise (north New Georgia). It seemed likely that he had cerebral malaria so he was treated with intra-venous Chloramphenicol and Artesunate as well as Diazepam for his convulsions and Hydrallazine for raised blood pressure. He is slowly improving with this treatment and is now talking to his father who remains at his bedside. On Wednesday an elderly man was admitted with a coma as a result of him stopping his medication for diabetes. He is now much improved and back on his usual medication. On Thursday one of the patients on the ward dislocated his jaw. We managed to put this right using intravenous Diazepam but he remains very poorly.

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