Return to an Overcrowded Hospital in Munda

Jenny returned to Munda by canoe – a rather trying five hour journey over open sea. She had had a successful time in Choiseul, spending the first two days in Taro and then moving south to Sasamunga. The senior staff in Taro have asked her to return in September to tour the north east side of the island in the absence of a permanent medical officer.

The hospital at Sasamunga is developing well with Caleb Kotali as Hospital Secretary. They hope to receive a substantial grant from the Solomon island Government to allow the virtual rebuilding of the main part of the hospital. The U.K. and N.Z. Methodist Churches are funding a new solar power system for the hospital.

Graham was expecting to travel to Honiara on Tuesday for a 2 day meeting at the Ministry of Health, but instead he escorted a child with two broken arms and two crew members from a Vietnamese fishing vessel. All three are now recovering in the National Referral Hospital in Honiara. As the two day meeting was postponed for a week, Graham will stay on in Honiara for that, as well as trying to renew work and residency permits for the next two years. Drs Dina & Zotei have gone to Fiji for a C.W.M. mission partner conference, leaving Jenny in sole charge at Helena Goldie Hospital, with the help of four U.K. medical students

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