Handover of Munda International Airport

We are enjoying a bit of calm after the activities of the last few weeks. All our visitors have now left, including the medical students. A few days without rain resulted in empty tanks for them in Robina House, so our outside shower became the back-up for everyone. It is hard for some of the U.K. students to make the adjustments to life here with its limited resources. Fortunately the rain has returned and the tanks are full again, including the four new tanks recently installed.

Last week was the official handover of the newly upgraded airstrip: a New Zealand Air ForceĀ  Hercules arrived on Thursday and most of the local residents enjoyed a day off to join the celebrations which included a feast prepared by the different local village communities. Unfortunately it was accompanied by a lot of drunken behaviour which continued into the weekend, so we were busy stitching people after the fights that ensued. Graham was asked to join a meeting this week held by senior police officers from Gizo and also from R.A.M.S.I. to look into the trouble which was blamed on poor policing in Lambete. By contrast, this weekend has been quiet, giving us the chance to catch up with a few jobs and some sleep.

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