Trachoma Survey & Workshop at Helena Goldie Hospital

After a few days of “drought”, strong wind and heavy rain has filled the water tanks to overflowing and given us a rather autumnal feel. Fortunately the rain held off for a wedding yesterday afternoon and one of our terminal patients managed to get home with her family in their canoe to Rendova. The patients are all feeling cold and Graham also put on an extra long-sleeved layer of clothing yesterday evening.

The hospital has been host to a Trachoma workshop with a doctor (Dr Solomon!) visiting from the London School of Tropical Medicine) and an eye surgeon from Melbourne. Trachoma is very common here and is a major cause of avoidable blindness. They did their survey in local schools and went on to assess the competence of the eye nurses that had gathered from all around the country. Apparently they all passed with flying colours. This hospital was chosen to host the meeting as the runway at Gizo is currently closed for resurfacing.

We look forward to the biannual visit of the Australian nurses tomorrow (Monday). With a short rest from medical students, Robina house has had chance to recover its watersupply and have a good “spring” clean, or should that be “autumn” clean?


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