Preparing to Return to Choiseul

We have just enjoyed a locally prepared meal with our Australian friends Rev Helen and nurses Wendy, Rachel and Jodi from the Wesley Hospital in Brisbane, hosted by Amanda and Rod at the green house. Amanda & Rod came as self -funded volunteers last year but have now returned on a more formal basis. Amanda is funded by AusAID, with the aim of developing the college of nursing and Rod is working with the United Church Assembly whilst continuing with his masters course and examinations. They are already making an impact and the meal last night was a practice run; locals providing traditional meals for visitors as an income-generating project. There are plans to build a leaf house next to the green house, and serve food on traditional leaf plates. The visiting nurses have worked hard in the college this week and are looking forward to an island pic-nic tomorrow (Saturday). Jenny is off to Choiseul again on Sunday and will be doing a full island tour for the province, which is still without a doctor. She will then spend her third week in Sasamunga before returning to Munda. Dr Dina has had a very busy week in Gizo doing hysterectomies (up to five a day) for the province and later this month Dr Zotei will go to Seghe with Sally (theatre sister) to some minor surgery. So we are happy to see such cooperation between the hospitals, the United Church and the Ministry of Health, working together to provide health care in the provinces.

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