Choiseul Medical Tour – Week 2

Jenny has sent messages back to Munda as well as patients. She has apparently seen about 240 patients on the remote “weather coast” of the north side of Choiseul. These people have limited access to health care of any kind and have certainly not had the opportunity to see a doctor for over a year. On her return to Taro, there was a child with a severe eye injury that needed attention before transferring to Honiara. She sent two patients to Munda on the aeroplane – one from Choiseul with appendicitis at 23 weeks of her 2nd pregnancy and the other from the Shortland Islands who has had abdominal pain for some time. They arrived here at Helena Goldie Hospital and have been next to each other on the female side of general ward this week. The lady from Shortland went to theatre yesterday (Friday) and had excision of a large pedunculated fibroid under spinal anaesthesia with intra-venous Ketamine and Pethidine supplement later in the procedure. She is recovering well.
Otherwise the hospital has been relatively quiet this week, but in the wider community there is widespread political activity in preparation for the local elections on Thursday 26th. There are 10 candidates, including the hospital secretary, Soraya Pina. We await the count of votes on Friday.

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