Shalom College Students Visit Helena Goldie Hospital

Shalom College in Bundaberg (Queensland) have sent students to do projects at Helena Goldie Hospital on several occasions over the last few years. This year the agreed project was the dismantling of the existing kitchen for patients and visitors and the building of a new kitchen by the beach. They arrived on Saturday and came to the hospital for a look and discussion on Sunday afternoon. The timbers for the new kitchen had already been prepared, so by Monday afternoon the old kitchen was gone and the site for the new kitchen was ready.

Jenny toured the remote south eastern part of Choiseul this week. A patient with an incomplete miscarriage needed treatment to stop her bleeding, so Jenny had to do a D&C (empty her womb surgically) in a remote clinic with no equipment for giving intra-venous fluid. Apparently the lady made a good recovery.
On Thursday evening a grand farewell feast was arranged at Sasamunga Hospital, with the usual speeches. Jenny then left for the villages of Narione, Vosa and Moli before returning to Taro for the flights back to Munda on Monday.

Yesterday (Friday) Dr Boseto (a Solomon Island surgeon currently working in Australia) arrived at the hospital on the early flight from Honiara with two theatre nurses and a Professor of Surgery from Sydney. They looked at three surgical patients on the ward before heading for the out-patient department, where they spent the morning screening patients for surgery at Gizo Hospital next week. They will visit Noro tomorrow and go across to Gizo by canoe on Sunday afternoon, with several patients either joining them or following by canoe on Monday.

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