Back to Work at Helena Goldie Hospital

It is Monday morning again and our blog post is late! Jenny is back from Choiseul and her plan to clean & tidy our house ready for our trip to the U.K. was interrupted by various events, including a memorial service on one of the islands in the Wonawona lagoon. A terminally ill patient had just died in the hospital when the canoe arrived to fetch us, so Jenny went but Graham stayed behind. The hospital staff were expected to feed the preacher of the day, however Graham did not make it for the lunch as a lady with a ruptured ectopic pregnancy arrived collapsed, needing urgent surgery.
Jenny’s trip to Choiseul was an amazing experience: she was able to visit every clinic on the island accompanied by two staff from the ministry hospital in Taro. On the north side the clinics were very busy as the people there have had no access to a doctor for over a year. Although the Choiseul Province has produced many well educated people, including doctors, they do not seem to want to return to the province due to the remoteness and limited development.

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