A Few Days in Marovo Lagoon on Tour

We are back in Munda after another successful tour by Marovo Medical to Seghe and the people of Marovo Lagoon. Jenny managed to get there as planned on Sunday so was able to join the team for the second week of their tour. With six doctors in the medical team and all the back-up from nurses, pharmacists and others, we were able to see all the patients efficiently. Meanwhile, the surgical team performed over 40 operations during the 2 weeks of the tour. Unfortunately graham only made it for the last full day, but our luggage did arrive safely and he was able to use the time in Honiara to see various people and do some jobs.
Uepi Island resort where we stay was as beautiful as ever with its unspoilt habitat and wonderful hosts who give their full support to the medical outreach and without whom it would be a very different story.

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