Farewell Preparations

Back in Munda we are being treated to blue skies and sunshine and we are finding it too hot! Fortunately it is interspersed with some tropical downpours, cooling us down and filling the tanks for drinking water. We returned to find our home in good order with no unwelcome visitors, the only problem being a non-working shower. The problem was caused by the tap which has now been replaced with a plastic tap that does not require a washer, so this problem should not recur!
As it is now confirmed that Dr Dina, Dr Zotei and their children are leaving in early January, there is a lot of activity preparing a series of farewell functions for them after over 11 years of service at the hospital. Today (Saturday) they have gone for a pic-nick on a nearby small island with the nursing staff from Children’s ward. They are sad to be leaving and will be missed.
Unfortunately at present we have no working steriliser, making it difficult to do much surgery. As a result we have to send surgical instruments, gowns and swabs to the new hospital at Gizo to be sterilised. It is very hard to maintain equipment in working order here due to the hot & humid climate and the lack of skilled people to service the equipment. The challenges here continue to be considerable.

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