Youth Convention & Farewells

Last week was busy with the 2nd United Church Youth Convention. Almost 1,000 young people came from all parts of the country for 8 days of fun and fellowship, led by a team from Australia. They returned home by ship yesterday (Monday) morning. Meanwhile at the hospital everyone was busy preparing for the farewell dinner for Chris Leve (Director of Nursing) and Drs Dina & Zotei. This was an enjoyable occasion with singing, dancing and feasting until the early hours. Every department was represented in the presentations. Unfortunately Graham was not present for the occasion as he had to escort a patient with a chest injury to Honiara. Fortunately the National Referral Hospital was not busy so he was taken straight to theatre for insertion of a tube to drain the blood and air from around his right lung. The following day he was much better, so everyone was relieved.
Dr Dina is back in Gizo this week for another round of hysterectomies before he leaves at the end of the month. At Helena Goldie the wards are emptying for the Christmas period; we have a visiting paediatrician and midwife from Brisbane for five days.

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