Christmas at Helena Goldie Hospital

Christmas Day was greatly enjoyed by staff and patients, starting with songs, bible readings and a nativity presentation by the hospital staff, with 4 songs and a short talk from Jenny on the meaning of Christmas. Presents were then distributed to all the patients and we then shared breakfast with them – hot drinks, fresh bread rolls with jam and as always some of Jenny’s banana cake! The afternoon was peaceful and when it was dark enough, we projected a DVD for the patients outside between the wards. Everyone enjoyed this, but it was interrupted for as as two patients came with injuries, one of them having fallen off the back of a truck and landing on his shoulder.
Since then we have been able to rest a little and also to catch up on a few jobs. Drs Dina & Zotei are packing up their house with items accumulated over 11 years. They will fly home to India on 6th January and will be greatly missed by hospital staff and the whole community. Our Director of Nursing is also preparing to move to his new post at Gizo Hospital.

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