A Tropical Storm


A Tropical Storm at last to give us a break from the exhausting heat – even the locals are complaining that hem hot tumas!  We certainly know that we are back with Jenny thrust into the clinical work as Dr Aliziru (the Solomon Island doctor who has been left in charge during Dr Dina’s absence) went for a well-earned break. Although the hospital is not too full, there are some very sick patients keeping her busy. Graham arrived from Honiara a few days later and has been confronted with the administration of a hospital struggling to maintain the service to the local community as a result of financial constraints and problems with infrastructure. There is no money set aside for maintenance, so even the newer houses are starting to rot in this hot and damp climate, and the termites are always ready to attack. Despite these problems the local people continue to run their lives, dividing themselves between their families and their work.They were  pleased to see us back at Helena Goldie after several months away.

It is good to be back to support them as we work together. We value your interest, support and prayers.


4 thoughts on “A Tropical Storm

  1. Rev. Prince Devanandan

    Dear Drs. Jenny & Graham,
    Glad to note you are back in Munda. I was in London with Steve Pearce at MCOD on 29 November. It was a very brief stop over on my way to Geneva.
    I read in your blog that HGH needs some urgent maintenance work done. Methodist Mission and Ecumenical will be able to help with some depending on the amount of money we have. Do let me know the urgent work need to be done and the cost of it.
    The Chief nurse’s salary was not transferred to HGH from MM&E for a couple of months. I have informed Eddie Kotomae at UCSI office about this and to send me the request. That will help us to transfer the over due funds.
    Be in touch. We also have some money from MCOD Uk to do up the repairs to timber work at Sasamuqa.
    With kind regards and best wishes for the blessed work you are carrying on with.

  2. Clare

    Hello Graham and Jenny, Glad to hear you arrived back in SI safely and are getting back into the swing of things. The weather must take some getting used to. Last week Ottawa was -40C for 2 days, earning it the official title of “coldest capital in the world”. Want to swap? :) Take care, Clare

  3. denoudsten henk

    Hi Graham and Jenny
    Greetings from your 2011 Canadian friends. We are helping out in Senegal where we are right now this year – but have many fond memories of spending time with you. We are quite sure 2011 was not the last time we were in the SI! We are doing maintenance here too – however, we had to bring our own (raised) funds to supply lumber and everything else. That is the way it will be more often than not. Blessings to you – we continue to pray for you and are blessed by your example in His service. Love, Henk and Margreet DenOudsten – Armstrong.

  4. David Perrow

    Graham and Jenny

    Glad to know you are both safe and that the earthquake/tsumnami did not affect your area. The reports now emerging suggest that the effects are rather more serious than was first thought.

    We are thinking of you and all those affected.

    Love from David and Rosemary


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