Happy New Year 2014

New Year 2014 – it is all change here at Helena Goldie Hospital. Dr Dina led our watch-night service for the last time: he, Dr Zotei and their 2 younger children left for Honiara on 2nd January. Tears were shed as a good number of people collected at the airport terminal to see them off after 11 years. The Ministry of Health here still hopes to persuade them to stay on in Honiara at the National Referral Hospital, but they have a posting back home in India, so they continue to seek God’s guidance for their future.
Our Director of Nursing Chris Leve officially finished on 31st December but had a rather unexpected departure the day before as a nurse escort to an aggressive psychiatric patient who was hand-cuffed to his police escort for the aeroplane journey to Honiara. Chris is moving to a ministry appointment in Gizo: we wish him well.
So we are now managing the hospital. Please pray for us as we try to look after the patients and find a new way forward.

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