Three babies in Distress

Last week we missed our blog post as we are adjusting to life here without Drs Dina & Zotei. We are inevitably busier! Jenny is kept busy covering the wards now whilst Graham is splitting his time between out-patients, operating theatre and administration. Jenny was also involved with the Academic Committee for the college which met twice this week to review the performance of the students hoping to return for their second year. This made for some difficult situations. Maternity is also proving to be a challenge with three babies showing signs of distress before birth and all needed resuscitation just after delivery. All have survived so far but they are still a cause for concern and needed treatment for infection. Jenny is grateful for the skill of the midwives to help in these situations. A shortage of supplies including the smallest size of cannulas for the babies adds to the difficulties. Also the government grant is delayed again so with no money in the hospital bank account, the staff have not been paid this week. We pray that the funds will arrive soon.

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