Helena Goldie College of Nursing Re-opens

Life is surprisingly peaceful at present and the hospital wards are quiet. We were delighted to have Julia with us for 6 days. She is a Methodist Mission Partner returning to Fiji for her 2nd term, working on the effects of climate change and relocation of people in the Pacific region. It was the first time that we have met a fellow Methodist Mission Partner during our time here and it was good to share with her on many different levels.
Our government grant came on Monday and we were pleased to have a visit from some AusAID representatives who were keen to see whether their funding is reaching the provinces for the benefit of health care in the community. They were broadly satisfied and felt that the Solomon Islands benefits from the nurse-led system of health care that was left by the British Protectorate at independence. The nurses have been regarded as the best trained in the Pacific region. This is an encouragement to us to maintain standards as the school of nursing re-opened this week. Unfortunately a few students did not reach the required standard to enter the 2nd year, sending a strong message to those remaining and to those starting this year.

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