A Very Challenging Week

Graham attended a planning workshop in Honiara with the provincial directors, M.O.H. staff and representatives from the main aid donor organisations (W.H.O. and AusAID). The Cuban-trained doctors will start to arrive back in Honiara in a few months, doubling the number of doctors in the country by 2016. This is good news but is also a logistical nightmare for the M.O.H.!
Jenny had a difficult time with four in-patient deaths in as many days, the first ones this year: 2 newborn babies and 2 young adults. Malaria rates have gone down considerably over recent years but we see many patients with prolonged fevers who do not respond to antibiotics. Unfortunately with very limited laboratory facilities it is hard to make an accurate diagnosis. Most recover but this week was the exception. There is much sadness but it is generally accepted that it is the “Master’s timing”.

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