A New Market House for Helena Goldie Hospital

The hospital has been quiet over the last two weeks giving us all the chance to recover and catch up with administration. On Friday (7th) there was the occasion of the opening of the new market house for the hospital. This was a fun occasion with speeches from local government representatives and replies from hospital and community representatives. In addition to the new market, a 3 ton truck was presented to the women of Munda and a new generator for Tabaka Rural Training Centre which is not far from the hospital.
On Monday the new truck was put to good use with an trip to Noro for many of the female nurses and college of nursing students for a march in support of International Women’s Day. This was apparently also an enjoyable day with a worship song from the hospital staff & college students and dancing from members of the i-Kiribati community living in Rawaki and Canaan villages close to Noro. There is no doubt that the truck will be a blessing to this community.

One thought on “A New Market House for Helena Goldie Hospital

  1. Janet Wilson

    I really cannot believe how long it is since I left a reply – even though you are in our thoughts and prayers.
    If having children takes up all your time so too does having grandchildren – I’m thoroughly enjoying being a grandma. Amy and Marcus are doing well and Grace Florence is a little poppet. Amy is feeding herself and as Grace is quite demanding at night , Amy gets little sleep. I have been going round in a morning to take Grace out for walks while Amy sleeps – it’s great.
    Life in church continues to roll along, it hardly seems anytime til Easter, Lent groups are in full swing and it is General Church Meeting this Sunday. Our theme is “What is our vision, ‘Vision.’ Where do we want to see the church go, and how might we achieve it? so just a small theological issue, somehow I don’t think we will reach the answer unless someone above gives some very direct guidance.

    Love and prayers


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