A Dry Fortnight in Munda

Two weeks without significant rain and the failure of the pump for the hospital well left us somewhat compromised with no water to the taps or toilets for 5 days this week in the hospital. Fortunately the water tanks were full from previous heavy rain and this kept us going. Jake, our Australian volunteer, worked tirelessly with two of the locals, mending the original electric pump. The well water was restored on Thursday but is not used for drinking, so we distributed some bottles of water left by the Pacific Force last August. As we were busy during the day, we went round the staff houses by torch-light: the hospital wards were easier. We had a brief downpour last night (Friday) but we are still praying for more rain. We are hoping that some of the staff will dig wells near their houses for back-up water. One staff member has already done this and found fresh water only 18” down.

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