A Kaleidoscope of Life Here

This week has felt like a kaleidoscope of life here with medical emergencies, a surgical tour and staff issues against the backdrop of tropical heat, storms and an earthquake. The second largest town in the Solomon Islands, with its international sea port, is home to National Fisheries and Soltuna cannery. It is served by two clinics which are seriously understaffed and under resourced, so we receive many referrals from them. This week included two maternity cases: the first was a mother struggling to deliver twins. Fortunately a vacuum extraction of the first twin allowed the 2nd to follow quickly afterwards. Mother and babies went home on Thursday. The second case was a diabetic mother who had a difficult delivery of a large baby. She then had a post-partum haemorrhage and arrived at the hospital collapsed. She recovered with resuscitation but remains weak.
Unfortunately our medical laboratory is not working well. The junior technician has gone to Gizo for further training, The technician in charge is apparently trying to support a candidate in the general election planned for later this year and our attempts to monitor his attendance at work have been met with hostility. As he has been put in charge of the candidate’s red truck, his movements are very visible and drawing comments from the general population.
On Monday evening, Andrew Telokana, our new Director of Nursing arrived. We are looking forward to working closely with him.On Wednesday we had a busy surgical day with two doctors visiting from Gizo and today a visiting general surgeon from Australia has screened patients for surgery in Gizo next week. We had just returned home when a storm broke and the house rocked with an earthquake.

One thought on “A Kaleidoscope of Life Here

  1. Clare

    Hi Jenny and Graham,

    Heard about the two earthquakes in SI and hope that you are safe. Spring is slowly arriving here – the last of the snow only disappeared off our lawn last week! We think of you often. Clare & David


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