Easter 2014: Greetings from Munda

On Easter morning the women returned the empty tomb to tell the apostles that Jesus had risen: “But these words seemed to them an idle tale” and they did not believe them! Luke24 v 11.
We are spending our 5th Easter here in the Solomon Islands. Today is Good Friday when we think of our crucified saviour. This single act of sacrifice is the anchor of our faith – that God in Jesus loved human-kind so much that He went through the agony of the cross. But sometimes we feel that we are also like the apostles who thought that the women were bringing them an empty tale. When life is tough it is sometimes hard for us to see the risen saviour. We experience many challenges here in the Solomon Islands, some natural disasters, others man-made. We have been fortunate in the West Province to escape the devastation of the floods and earthquakes felt in Honiara and in other parts of Guadalcanal Province. Our second college of nursing graduation was affected by the rescheduling of events as a result, but went ahead yesterday when 17 student nurses received their diploma awards. In our work we are very much in touch with the suffering servant king through the lives of those who are sick. Praise God that death does not have the final word. His resurrection was not an idle tale and Jesus appeared to the apostles. He also appears to us through His Spirit with words of encouragement and times of joy. HE IS RISEN INDEED.

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