A Sad Week for Munda

The events of this week illustrate the difficult mix of the two worlds here in Munda. Last August the community celebrated the handing over of “Munda International Airport” to the Solomon Island Government. There are currently only 3 all-weather runways in the country – Honiara, the short runway at Gizo and the new runway here in Munda. Unfortunately the work on the airport has not been completed in that there is no fence around the runway, no landing lights and the same old terminal. Several culverts were created for drainage of the runway and the mouth of one of these is just across the road from Kokeqolo Primary School. During heavy rain on Monday, water backed up at this point and a 10 year old boy from Kindu decided to jump into the pool and swim over 50Metres through the culvert to the sea. He did not appear to his friends at the other end and his body was pulled out of the culvert after 2 hours. He was brought the short distance to the hospital but it proved impossible to resuscitate him. Needless to say, the community was shocked by this event.
The funeral service was held in Kindu church on Wednesday and there was a short service at the culvert yesterday (Friday) morning with representations from the hospital, college of nursing and local police. We hope that the fencing will now be a priority as many people still use the runway to walk or cycle from the hospital end down to Lambete.

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