Gastro-enteritis Sweeps the Country After the Floods

The ongoing outbreak of gastro-enteritis continues to keep us busy, especially on children’s ward where babies and infants arrive sometimes in a collapsed and dehydrated state. A shortage of basic items like the smallest canulas for giving intra-venous fluids increases the stress level as we struggle to revive these children. With rising levels of Tuberculosis, this is also a diagnosis to be considered and is notoriously difficult in children.
On a brighter note, we are enjoying our two new medical students who have thrown themselves into life here. We managed to squeeze time to lead the evening devotion on Wednesday in the main church – Tom & Jack were perfect actors for the story of the prodigal son, with Graham as the old father – it was much appreciated.

One thought on “Gastro-enteritis Sweeps the Country After the Floods

  1. Eileen Williams

    Just been catching up on your blog. Hope the worst of the gastro-enteritis is over, god bless you both and all the other people who are there helping. We are all thinking about you here in England, we have had a very good winter, no snow as yet – hope it stays that way! Keep well and safe, love from me and my family.


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