Stormy Weather Continues

At the end of another exhausting week Jenny has enjoyed her “swim” astride a bucket of water with the rain still dripping from the roof. It is dark, the rumble of thunder is all around as lightning flashes in the sky and excited fire-flies chase around. Rough seas have made travel difficult and the locals are complaining about the cold weather.

The nursing college opened this week with 29 students arriving from all parts of the Solomon Islands and two from Vanuatu. Unfortunately the college accommodation remains a problem, so what we will do when the 3rd year students return is a puzzle.

Our new Chaplain and his Marama (wife) are giving an excellent lead to our morning devotions and we enjoyed sharing a meal with them and our old neighbours last weekend. Graham has been busy in the office dealing with a large number of e-mails from the last few months and trying to coordinate the annual report required for the management meeting next week.

Sadly after writing this entry a young man was brought by canoe having been struck by lightning whilst out fishing in the Vonavona lagoon with his cousin. Both were knocked out, but the cousin recovered enough to paddle for help. Sadly it was too late, highlighting the problems and difficulties of life here.

3 thoughts on “Stormy Weather Continues

  1. Clare

    Graham and Jenny, learning on the BBC of the earthquake and tsunami warnings. Hope and pray for your safe-keeping. Clare and David

  2. Gordon and Barbara

    Praying especially for you both at this time and for the work you are called upon to do in His name.
    With much love, Gordon and Barbara


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