Precious Gifts from the West

The outbreak of gastro-enteritis continues to bring children to the hospital, keeping children’s ward full with extra mattresses on the floor. Thankfully our new medical student arrived with 50 cannulas for giving babies intra-venous fluids. Also a new pharmacy officer arrived this week and she has already transformed the department, so we are very excited about that. Another bonus has been the arrival of a physiotherapist – a lovely caring and gentle lady who is doing a great work.
On the other side, we have had more staff problems with an argument leading to a drunken attack on the female nursing student “hostel”. The Chaplain has been involved with prayerful and Kustom reconciliation, but the person involved is suspended until the senior management can meet to decide what to do. Unfortunately our Hospital Secretary is in Honiara arranging the repatriation of one of our Vanuatu nursing students who has been unwell for several weeks. Never a dull moment!

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