Help has Arrived

Our daughter Katherine arrived from the U.K. this week and spent her first day going round the wards and meeting people, some of whom she remembers from her brief visit in November 2009. She is a paediatric “registrar” in Glasgow and as she has been granted temporary medical registration here, she will be able to put her experience of treating children in and around Glasgow to good use. She has just spent 3 months at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, so she is also helping us to manage such conditions as Tick-born & Scrub Typhus which we have been seeing here recently.
On her first night here, a 2 year old girl was brought to the hospital having started with diarrhoea and vomiting the previous day. The nursing staff called us when they were unable to resuscitate her.
We also sent a 2 year old to Honiara on the aeroplane. It may be that he has Tuberculosis, but it was felt that he needed more diagnostic facilities as they have at the National Referral Hospital.
Yesterday (Friday) was the United Church Anniversary. This marks the date when the pioneer missionary Rev John Goldie arrived here with his wife Helena in 1902, supported by the Australian Methodist Church. It was a big occasion with the large church literally full and people standing outside! There were so many choirs from other congregations and local schools that lunch was not ready until after 3pm, so I had returned to the hospital by then.
The three medical student from the U.K.that are with us at present have worked hard painting General Ward all week. They are using off white and “Oxford Blue”. This work was started last year by a previous student Lucy and her brother Jack is now part of the team which aims to complete the job. It is looking very good now!

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