Infection Continues to Keep us Busy

Katherine has been here for a week now and we praise God for her. As more children arrive to fill the ward, extra beds on the floor are becoming normal. She has taken over running the paediatric ward, with a constant round of children arriving in a fragile state, needing resuscitation with intra-venous fluids. At the same time we continue to receive an influx of patients (mainly adults) from Rendova Island with probable Typhus fever and we have also just confirmed our first case of Dengue Fever this year.
Maternity ward, not wishing to be left out, has been busy with more deliveries this month than in any month last year. Jenny delivered her first breech last night (Friday) – a 2nd twin in a mother that had received no ante-natal care. She arrived just in time to deliver the first twin normally. We also sent another ante-natal mother to Honiara after treating her for eclampsia (convulsions in pregnancy).
Graham had an unexpected trip to Honiara for 2 days, escorting a young man with a ruptured spleen caused by a falling coconut – a real hazard here. He also took a 12 year old girl with appendicitis. We value your prayers to sustain us through this very busy time.

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