Problems with Infection Continue

Fighting for the life of a 1Kg baby born at 7 months gestation and a disturbed night to attend another victim of the gastro-enteritis epidemic left us exhausted at the end of this week and relieved to be able to sleep in a little this morning. There have now been several deaths in children from D&V and last night’s 1 year old was the most recent. It is quite frightening to see how quickly they become very sick. There has been very little data collected but we do know that some of the cases in Honiara have been confirmed with Rota Virus. The child that died last night was dead on arrival at the hospital, but the parents said that he had been breast-feeding in the canoe on the way here: he was still and without any pulses when first seen on Children’s ward.
Katherine continues to be a star and we can only hope and pray that this epidemic will settle before she returns home. Her skill with intra-venous cannulation in babies and children is a great help to us all. We also hope that she has chance to relax and enjoy something of Solomon Island life over the next month.

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