Touring in the West Province

At last the outbreak of gastro-enteritis seems to be settling and the hospital is much quieter. This allowed Drs Jenny and Katy to have a day tour to one of the local clinics in the Vonavona Lagoon. Our new Director of Nursing is doing supervisory tours to all the clinics to familiarise himself with them and if possible we combine it with a medical tour. In fact we saw very few patients, partly due to the mourning process following the recent death of the spiritual leader of the Christian Fellowship Church. This was a break-away movement in the 1950’s which became a recognised church and has a strong following in many parts of the West province. A new leader has been chosen but they await instruction from the headquarters. We noticed the rolled up mats in the church in Buni village and we learned that the village people all come together in the evening to sleep there.
Today Dr Katy has gone to Agagana village on Rendova Island to join a W.H.O. team which is currently investigating our cases of Typhus. The main purpose of their visit it to do a mass treatment programme for Trachoma – a major cause of eye disease which can cause blindness. They are taking samples from the patients that were admitted to Helena Goldie Hospital in May to confirm the diagnosis and they are also looking for any new cases in the area. Big rain and stormy seas yesterday have given way to a beautifully calm sunny day, so we hope that she has an interesting and fruitful trip.

One thought on “Touring in the West Province

  1. Clare

    Always enjoy reading your blog. You are making a difference in people’s lives on a daily basis with the skills you have been given. Katherine, hope you are enjoying the time with mum and dad and all of the new experiences. Love to all, Clare


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