Dr Katy Returns Home after a Successful Visit

Helena Goldie Hospital is currently a scene of great activity with the arrival of our Rotarian friends (25 in total) from Queensland who plan to re-roof the out-patient building, connect our autoclave and work with Jake on our water supply. They also bring with them medical equipment for the hospital. The team will also work at two local schools over the next 2 weeks.
We are also delighted to have the Wesley Hospital team from Brisbane, whose planned visit in April was postponed due to the floods in Honiara. They have spent 2 days teaching in the college of nursing where they are always greatly appreciated by students and staff alike. Yesterday evening we enjoyed a meal with them in our small house – Rev Helen the chaplain, Wendy the team leader (her 9th visit) with Maxine & Katie, the two senior nurses selected for this year. The Wesley Hospital not only organises this bi-annual visit, but they also sponsor some of our nurse aides in the college of nursing and have provided valuable equipment including Kiwi Cups for assisting the delivery of babies. We are very grateful for this continuing support at the hospital and college.
Our current 3 University of East Anglia medical students have been with us for 10 days and are already thoroughly involved, taking the lead part in a health awareness presentation written by Katherine. Unfortunately it was postponed due to the heavy rain on Thursday evening. Katherine left us yesterday afternoon, the sadness of her leaving was compensated by the success of her visit. She had an amazing experience and helped us enormously: thank you. Please pray for her and for us as we move on.

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