Time to Pause and Reflect

Time to pause and reflect: it is early Sunday morning and we are in church at Kokeqolo for the 6-30am service, listening to the unaccompanied voices harmonising as we await the preacher. It has been a beautiful sunrise and is pleasantly cool after the heat of yesterday.
It has been a week of intense activity in the hospital with the rotary team of 24 from Mackay & Rockhampton in Queensland re-roofed the out-patient building and did work on the hospital water supply with Jake, moving about 15 water tanks around to optimise collection and storage and so reducing our dependence on well water. The nurses from the Wesley Hospital in Brisbane left on Friday after teaching in the school of nursing. They also spent some time in the hospital, joining ward rounds, restocking the resuscitation trolleys on the wards and some teaching. We are expecting Prof David Coman and midwife Jo Hardcastle tomorrow for 5 days, also from the Wesley Hospital.
We have really missed Dr Katy, but we have heard today’s message from the gospel of Luke chapter 17. Only one out of the ten lepers turns back to fall at the feet of Jesus and praise God. Jesus tells him to “rise and go on your way”. We thank God for the time that Katherine was able to spend with us and pray for her as she returns to her paediatric work & training.

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