Farewell to our Visitors

The Rotarian team from Mackay & Rockhampton in Queensland left on Thursday having achieved a great deal at the hospital and several schools around the area. They apparently intend to return next year to continue the maintenance work at the hospital and at other locations. We are very grateful for what they have done at the hospital which includes roofing water supply repairing the trucks and painting in the out-patient department.
Dr David Coman and Jo Hardcastle had a very successful week teaching the nursing staff and working on the wards. They hope to return twice a year, so we should see them in December.
The annual national health conference starts on Tuesday 22nd, so Graham will be in Honiara for this, after which we are expecting more visitors from Australia, Honiara and the U.K. Fortunately the house for the Medical Superintendent is now ready and available for visitors from within the country or from overseas.

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