Recent Changes in Munda

September in the U.K. marks the return of children to school after the long summer vacation and so reminds us that we are into the latter part of the year. Here the major examinations will be held between now and November, ready for the long Christmas holiday. As we reflect over the last few months, much has happened and yet there is still much more we would like to achieve. The hospital is looking good now that we have a working lawn-mower to keep the grounds tidy, but we still struggle to keep on top of the rubbish disposal and the dogs. We have seen quite a change in Munda since we first arrived: mobile telephones and the airport upgrade have brought the outside world much nearer. There are more cars and seemingly more money, although we are not sure where it comes from as most people still do not have paid employment. We are sometimes kept awake by loud music thudding from cars parked on the end of the airstrip at night.
The church however still holds an important place in the lives of many people. We have been delighted to see the return of Jim & Carolyn to Munda to complete their work on the Roviana translation of the Bible. It has been a long and arduous task but is now close to completion. In the meantime we are glad to enjoy their company when time permits.

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