A Busy Week in Munda

Dr Fred Boseto (a Solomon Island surgeon now living in Australia) arrived on Friday morning of 19th September ready to see patients from Munda who needed surgery. A total of 12 patients were accepted for surgery or investigation in Gizo. The Japanese company Olympus has donated endoscopy equipment for Gizo Hospital and a team of Australian medical & nursing staff arrived there on Sunday. This is Dr Boseto’s third visit this year and he plans to visit four times next year. Our two U.K. medical students joined the tour for the week and have now returned.
At the same time people from various provinces started to arrive for a Seventh Day Adventist congress. In total about 2,500 ladies arrived, mainly from the Dorcas movement. They have lived under canvass for the week in various locations and have coped with the strong wind and heavy rain. The accompanying men have done some work at the hospital as they were not needed for security.
We also have a team of seven men from Robina New Life Church in Queensland led by Earl Reeves. He was involved with the Robina House project in 2009 and has returned to replace the roof on the nurse’s hostel. They got off to a good start yesterday despite the strong sunshine

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