General Church Assembly 2014, Ranongga Island

After many weeks of preparation, the 10th General Assembly of the United Church of the Solomon Islands started on Saturday (4th) in the small village of Pienuna on Ranonga Island south west of Gizo. Graham was invited to represent the hospital, so he left early on Monday morning with the hospital accountant (John Sasabule), travelling to Gizo on the Rava. The church canoe came to Gizo on Tuesday for the crossing to Ranonga. The hospital & college of nursing presentation was arranged for Tuesday evening, so it was quite a long day. The future of the hospital was discussed, with particular reference to the provision of medical officers.
Bronwyn Fraser arrived in Pienuna the following morning, having travelled from Sydney. She represents the Australian Uniting Church and was invited to give a presentation on the proposal for a strategic plan for the United Church. On Thursday Graham and Bronwyn returned to Helena Goldie by canoe and found Jenny working with Eric Pana. He was previously a general surgeon in Honiara but now lives in Australia. He has come to see his family and also to work at the hospital for a month. We are grateful for his help.

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