After all the visitors of the last few weeks, it is quite a relief to have a quiet spell allowing Jenny to take a much-needed Sunday afternoon sleep in the currently empty Robina House, which remains cool until mid-afternoon. Although not busy as with the large numbers of patients seen during the epidemic in May & June, gastro-enteritis remains a problem, bringing dehydrated and sometimes fitting children to us. In addition, we now have a nationwide Measles epidemic which has caused Honiara to scale down routine medical services. A four month old boy that was discharged recently died a week later and his cousin of the same age is currently on the ward fighting for his life.
A tiny pre-term baby that we had nursed through its early weeks was doing well, but returned to the hospital this week having stopped breathing and needed resuscitation. He continues to have episodes of choking, so he is being observed closely. Fortunately we now have many very competent nurses who are able to insert the life-saving cannulas.
Maternity ward remains busy with the growing population of the Solomon Islands, many people still holding kustom or religious beliefs about family planning. The out-patient department has been keeping Graham busy, assisted on some days by Dr Eric Pana. Jenny has spent some time with him in the operating theatre. All this is manageable if we are able to sleep at night, but there are inevitable interruptions as happened last night when a lady in her 70’s was admitted in severe heart failure after a heart attack.
Please pray that we will continue to have the strength and energy needed in this situation.

One thought on “Contrasts

  1. Eileen Williams

    Just been catching up on your blog. I find it so amazing how we take so many things for granted after reading what it is like where you are. God bless you all for the good work you are doing. Things here are going on much the same as usual. Merv and I are still enjoying our retirement. , although merv has had a bad back this last week, seems to happen mostly at this time of year. Met up with some Fieldheaders yesterday, Pauline, Janice, Sue, Linda, Carolyn and Rita, with husbands and did a lovely walk round Burley in Wharfedale and then lunch at The Fox in Menston. Please take care of each other and wish I could help with all the work., if only you weren’t so far away. Love to you both Eileen and Merv. xx


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