Farewell to Dr Eric Pana

The Ministry of Health organised a short workshop in Honiara during the last week of October. Soraya (Hospital Secretary) and Graham were invited to attend this meeting. The topic was the cost of running health care facilities around the country, with discussion on a study done on this by a team from Monash University in Melbourne. One of the aims was to look at savings could be made by increasing efficiency at hospitals, area health centres and nurse aide posts. It seems likely that financial assistance for health care from Australia will reduce over the next few years, at a time when costs will increase, especially as the Solomon Island Health Service moves towards a doctor-led service and nurse aides are increasingly being replaced with registered nurses.

Jenny continued to work with Dr Eric Pana at Helena Goldie. He was able to spend time with his relatives in the area as well as working at the hospital. He finished work on Monday afternoon to prepare for his return to Australia, spending a few days in Honiara on his way. We are very grateful for his help as previously and we hope that he will be able to return to work at the hospital in a similar way in the future.

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