Jenny Returns to Munda

We are sitting in Manchester Airport waiting for Jenny’s flight to return to Helena Goldie Hospital after six months at home. Sadly the hospital has been without a resident doctor since we left at the end of November. Fortunately the Methodist Church in Britain has agreed to send us back as short-term mission partners to help out. Jenny is going ahead and Graham will follow in early August. It is with some apprehension that we return, but we have felt encouraged by the support and prayer at the Methodist for World Mission conference which was held at Swanwick this weekend. This year it was entitled Voice still small? and focused on the Pacific region. We led one of the eight workshops, giving information on the situation in the Solomon Islands and the work that we have done at the hospital & college of nursing there. Issues of climate change impact were explored as well as the sharing of stories from different Pacific nations. We look forward to renewing old friendships and serving the people of the West Province again.

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