A Difficult Week at Helena Goldie Hospital

We have seen a bit more action at the hospital this week. 2 deaths, one in a child and another in a young adult was a bad start, Both from different places came in unconscious and fitting after several hours. The child had a high fever and cellulitis of it’s leg; the adult, a weeks history of diarrhoea. Sadly we were unable to save them.
A women , who failed to progress in labour, had to be transferred to Gizo by canoe and had an emergency C. Section. I have done my first lot of stitching again; a child with a facial injury after falling on some timber, was very nasty, but so far she is recovering well. An assault victim with a broken jaw went to Honiara for wiring and a 1kg preterm baby is just holding her own at 5 days with support.
The nurses continue to do a fantastic job, so it is good to be here to support them. I value your prayers as we work together.

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