Eye Surgical Team Visit the Hospital

HGH has certainly seen some activity this week. The eye team arrived from Honiara and Gizo to restore sight to the people of the villages with cataract surgery in our operating theatre. Monday was spent screening those who came and over 50 operations were performed. On Tuesday, their remit widened as they operated on a torn Achilles tendon in a 9year old, whilst I gave her ketamine to make her sleep. Her irate little sister had thrown a bush knife in a temper and managed to completely sever the tendon. She is now recovering with her foot immobilized in plaster. On Wednesday morning, a local 13 year old fell from a tree and was carried in unconscious and bleeding from his ear. Fortunately he is recovering, though still drowsy and irritable.
The weather has remained wet, dull and windy, keeping temperatures amazingly comfortable and the sea wonderfully refreshing when I manage to escape for a late afternoon swim.

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