Slow Progress with Projects

It is 3am, and I have finally got internet access. Telecom has not been able to re-establish reliable phone or internet signal since the cyclone, causing much frustration here. I can’t sleep due to competing noise from opposite sides of my house. Loud amplified music form beside the airstrip is symbolic of the new, whilst unaccompanied singing from Lodumaho village behind me is part of the custom, as the recently deceased person awaits burial tomorrow.

In the hospital we are experiencing the same contrasts. A young newly diagnosed diabetic from an island in Roviana lagoon arrived yesterday with a horribly infected foot she had ignored for 2 weeks and may need amputation. Outside, Burnside rotary are working to improve our sanitation whilst other rotary teams are installing generators to supply power to local schools.

Graham will be joining me here in 2 weeks and already has a list of jobs to do in Honiara en route. We are still hoping to install solar power with the money received from Taiwan, but everything here takes time and patience.

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