A Tragic Week

Graham arrived in Munda on Wednesday. Soraya, the hospital secretary, left on Monday to take up her new post at Gizo Hospital, creating a big gap here at Helena Goldie Hospital. As yet there is no suitable replacement for her. The internet continues to cause everyone much frustration but happily Graham will now be able to relieve me of that task, trying to communicate with the outside world when we can catch a moment of signal.
We have had a rather tragic time recently with 3 deaths in young women with family. One was in end-stage rheumatic heart disease where life-saving heart surgery is out of reach of most people here. The two other deaths were caused by delayed presentation to the clinics: one lady arrived unconscious and had been fitting for the week prior to her arrival here. The other with advanced Tuberculosis arrived yesterday from Seghe after a 6 hour journey on rough seas. The canoe diverted here on its way to Gizo Hospital as she was increasingly breathless. She slipped away a few hours later. Both families had put their trust in Kustom medicine, only presenting when it was clearly failing to work, but sadly too late for us also.

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