Unexpected Happenings

A typical week with lots of unexpected happenings; so last Sunday Graham found himself in Gizo, having jumped into a canoe with 10 minutes notice. He has been asked to go as an expert witness in an alleged rape case in the absence of Dr Dina who did the original report. In the event he was not allowed by the court to testify, so he flew back on Wednesday, having used the opportunity to make contacts at the new hospital in Gizo. He spent Friday teaching all day at the College of Nursing.

Jenny found herself on the academic board of the college which met for the first time to approve the passing of the first intake of diploma students. They are due to graduate on 16th April – the anniversary of the opening ceremony. It was interesting to hear how the students (mainly nurse aides) had struggled initially with the academic load, but improved with each year. We discussed the need for “bridging courses” in English and mathematics for future students.

Drs Dina & Zotei return this weekend with two of their children, having left their eldest for schooling in India. Dr Aleziru is due to leave when they return but it has been a pleasure to work with him. We wish him well as he persues his career.

2 thoughts on “Unexpected Happenings

  1. Eileen Williams

    Hello Jenny and Graham, spoke to your mum today and she’s doing fine with her new knee. Lovely to hear that you got back there safe and sound. We went walking with our Guiseley group this morning, it has been a lovely sunny day, hard to believe that we had so much snow two days ago. You both seem to be kept really busy, I will keep reading your blog now I know how to find it, God bless you both , Eileen and Merv

    1. admin Post author

      Hello Eileen & Merv – glad to hear that you are well and enjoying the winter! Things are busy here as usual, with a visit from the Methodist Church in Britain’s Pacific Representative next week. We also have two ex-mission partners visiting this week from the UK – they taught at Goldie College near here for a total of 11 years and many people here remember them well. The welcome feast is tomorrow Monday 25th March

      Love from Jenny & Graham


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