Final Weekend at Helena Goldie Hospital

Our final weekend here in Munda has arrived suddenly. For the month of August we have been joined by two medical students, Laura and Jerry, who have been excellent, enjoying hospital life as well as snorkelling and a dive today.

Work has been varied as usual with its ups and downs: the nurses are preparing themselves to take over again with no prospect of a doctor soon. The accountant is now also acting hospital secretary and the director of nursing is the acting medical superintendent. There has been a lot of activity to try to get the agreement signed with the ministry and on Monday they will meet with local companies to try to establish a fund to support doctors that might be willing to come to the hospital from overseas.

On Thursday evening we enjoyed a farewell dinner that we missed last December as a result of our sudden departure in November. It was a feast preceded by a short devotion and followed by some entertainment from the students at the college of nursing. We leave for Fiji on Tuesday to meet up with the other Methodist mission partners that are currently posted in the Pacific.

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